Founded by Charlie in late ‘20, it was your casual printed tees and hats run from a single bedroom as every homegrown brand is, and it stayed that way for a year. In late ‘21 we decided to upscale and make the brand a real entity in the scape of UK brands. Leaving the hospitality industry and moving full time into running the brand we invested heavily into a huge new space, industrial sewing machines, photography equipment and pushed to make the vision a reality. 

(Funnily enough up until this point i had never sewn or had a single clue what i was doing in any aspect of the business, literally leap of faith)

From late ‘21 until June of ‘22, we didn't drop a single item of clothing. We honed in and spent 6 long months, 16 hours a day, 7 days a week learning pattern making, sewing production runs and making the brand something that wasn't on the market already. In June of ‘22 we dropped the product that to this day is still our best seller, still holds on the market and is a timeless staple. The carpenter suit. This product made it so that we could move into bigger quantities of fabric, new avenues with pattern making and pushed the brand to the next evolution.

Skipping ahead, bringing us to the present day. We continue to push the level of cut and craft in everything that we do and we have built a team around the brand that has the same passion that I do. 

We are now 100% Made in England, by our own production team. We work with English suppliers and mills to make the product that you all come to us for. And we will continue to do so into your Glorydays and the next.

See you then.

  • Glorydays has become something that we never thought it would be. We continually bring elevated pieces to the people who want staple pieces in their wardrobe made by hand in England with the best materials from all over the world. With our signature cuts, unique silhouettes and reactive nature, we continue to push new collections seasonally and unique products offerings all the way in between.

  • Since the first day we had started to design we have kept things very traditional, pen on paper. Feeling and testing the fabrics, making pieces from the ground up. Always keeping in mind timelessness is the biggest factor. Opposed to following trends we often go back in time to find inspiration (hence the name).

  • Keeping the manufacturing in house has been our goal since we first founded the brand, it gives us the opportunity to give you the biggest range of different designs, silhouettes, and range of fabric without compromise in quality or cost. We can actively bring deadstock limited edition pieces, 1of 1's and bespoke pieces for our customers. We don't like to push but this avenue insures our sustainable and considerate practices throughout the whole process, from materials to our amazing teams working environment.